JoAnn's Services

Because of her love for the Wild West, JoAnn is frequently found at old west events throughout the state of Arizona. With camera in hand, she is always in search of the opportunity to capture that cowboy or cowgirl, that madam or outlaw, the perfect light, the remarkably correct costume and that ideal pose.

Often, she will take a photo that is just right for painting and it is not unusual for her to approach her subject with her card and an explanation of her talent. Once in her studio, JoAnn will paint these memories, whether commissioned or not. It’s the love of the art, the confidence in her talent, and her drive to create the perfect piece.

Many of these fine portraits find their way back to the subject’s home where JoAnn is overjoyed that they are admired by those which she has captured. Many of them are sold to the public from one of the many fine Gallery’s which JoAnn has had the pleasure to display her work at over the years.

Whether it is an admiring subject or the fondness that has led an art patron to purchase, JoAnn is delighted in knowing that the sale of her works pleases so many.

JoAnn does commissions, portraits, of you, or your loved one, human or pet!  Portraits, in these busy times, are hard to sit for, so most of the paintings are done from photos. Reference which JoAnn prefers to take herself, but can also give great instructions to others on taking appropriate photos. (Copyrighted or professional photos legally cannot be used for reference.)

The medium and size of the painting is discussed, and the price of JoAnn’s work depends on these factors.

Pricing is calculated by the square inch and requires a 1/3 deposit for expenses needed for the materials used for the painting.